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Wang Yuhong, chief accountant of cetca, gave a special party lesson on "three stricts and three realities"

Release time:2015-06-10 15:51:00  Browse times:529

On June 17, Wang Yuhong, member of the CPC Committee and the general committee of the Institute of accounting, participated in the special session of the third party branch of the Party committee and the third party branch of the company.
Focusing on the rich connotation and significance of the "three stricts and three practices", investigating and laying out the problems around them, practicing the basic requirements of the "three stricts and three practices" and the basic principles of carrying out the special education of the "three stricts and three practices", Wang Yuhong gave party members and cadres a high-quality and effective party lesson in a comprehensive and detailed manner.
Wang Yuhong pointed out that the special education of "three stricts and three facts" is the extension and deepening of the party's mass line educational practice, an important measure to continuously and deeply promote the party's ideological and political construction and work style construction, and an important starting point for serious Inner-Party Political Life and strict party political discipline and political rules; Special education should deeply analyze the specific manifestations of self-cultivation, power use, lax self-discipline and dishonesty in planning, entrepreneurship and life, deeply understand the serious harm of the problem of "laxity and dishonesty", and truly be vigilant, know the bottom line and know awe; The majority of leading cadres should consciously implement the basic requirements of "three stricts and three practices", earnestly strengthen ideological and political construction, run enterprises according to laws, establish the concept of governing enterprises according to law, strictly implement the "two responsibilities" and firmly establish the awareness of "one post and two responsibilities"; When carrying out special education, we should adhere to the basic principles of highlighting problem orientation, highlighting strict requirements, highlighting classified teaching, highlighting the above rate and highlighting the effectiveness of education, hold special democratic life meetings and organizational life meetings, and strengthen the steps of rectification and implementation and regulation and discipline enforcement.
The participants in the party class had a discussion on the special education of "three stricts and three realities". Wang Qiang, general manager of Nanhuan company, pointed out that Nanhuan company will carefully deploy and carry out the special education of "three stricts and three realities" in strict accordance with the unified deployment and requirements of the Party group of the group company and the Party committee of the Academy of electrical Sciences, combined with the actual situation of the company, combine the special education with the central work, and promote the continuous deepening of "double improvement" with the new achievements of style construction, Ensure the successful completion of annual objectives and tasks and promote the construction of Nanhuan company to a new level. (yuan Lingzhi / wenshilin / photo)