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The division of labor of the company will hold a zongzi making competition to welcome the Dragon Boat Festival

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Zhao Hui's "fruitful achievement award"

Xu Rongfeng's "most beautiful zongzi Award"

In order to welcome the Dragon Boat Festival and create a happy and peaceful festival atmosphere, the company held a competition of "making zongzi? Welcoming the festival" in the canteen at noon on June 19.
First of all, two teachers (canteen staff) were invited for on-site guidance. Then, at the order of the referee, the contestants immediately entered the competitive state and began to fold Zongye, pack glutinous rice, put stuffing and wrap rope tightly... The whole activity scene was full of laughter and joy. Finally, Zhao Hui of the planning and operation Department won the "fruitful achievement award" with 37 zongzi, and Xu Rongfeng of the engineering department won the "most beautiful zongzi Award".
Small zongzi not only contains glutinous rice and dates, but also contains the joy, warmth, beauty and blessings of participants. Through this activity, the employees feel the charm of the company's traditional culture, and enhance the cohesion of the company's employees through their own hands-on activities! (ren Yun / Wen Shilin / photo)