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The company holds lectures on traffic safety knowledge

Release time:2015-07-22 16:27:00  Browse times:544

In order to further implement the spirit of the group company's notice on implementing the "eight prohibitions" of traffic safety (Guodian Jisheng [2015] No. 183), enhance employees' awareness of traffic safety, travel safely and civilized, and prevent road traffic accidents, on July 21, the company sincerely invited instructors Wu Chao and Liu Mengchen of the high-tech squadron of the ninth traffic police brigade to give traffic safety knowledge lectures to employees in the training hall on the first floor.
Instructor Liu explained in detail the traffic safety situation in China, the misunderstandings in the driving process, drunk driving, fatigue driving, driving without wearing a seat belt, driving with a mobile phone, running a red light and other behaviors that are easy to cause traffic accidents, relevant elements of high-speed driving, measures to prevent high-speed driving accidents, four precautions against explosion-proof tires, water shortage, leakage and spontaneous combustion in summer, precautions for safe driving in rainy days and three elements of safe driving, Road traffic safety knowledge and laws and regulations such as the provisions on road traffic accident handling procedures. Instructor Wu had a positive interaction with the company's employees and answered the questions and doubts raised by the employees in their daily driving.
The lecture on traffic safety knowledge was successfully concluded. Through this lecture, employees' awareness of traffic safety was greatly enhanced and their ability to prevent road traffic accidents was improved. People have expressed the need to correct bad driving habits, strictly abide by traffic safety laws and regulations, travel safely and civilized, and stay away from road traffic accidents. (yuan Lingzhi / wenshilin / photo)