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The central group of the Party committee of the company held the second special study seminar on "three stricts and three realities"

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On September 29, the central group of the company's Party committee held a study seminar focusing on the theme of "strictly discipline yourself, strictly abide by the party's political discipline and political rules, and consciously be a politically 'sensible person". The meeting was presided over by Xiao Ping, Secretary of the Party committee, and 7 members of the Party committee and leaders of the company attended the meeting.
The meeting studied the notice on organizing the study of the spirit of the Circular of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (Ji ban [2015] No. 26) and the notice on Forwarding the notice on strictly implementing the spirit of the eight provisions of the Central Committee and resolutely stopping the eating and drinking of public funds (Guo Dian Ji Dangji [2015] No. 9) issued by the Discipline Inspection Commission of the SASAC.
Each member of the Party committee made a discussion speech on the theme of "be strict with yourself, strictly abide by the party's political discipline and rules, and consciously be a politically 'sensible person' in combination with their own learning, and exchanged their learning experience and experience.   Maintain the unity of the party, be honest, tell the truth and do honest things, and do not engage in league and group activities or factional activities in any form; Follow organizational procedures, do not act beyond authority, and do not act first and then; Obey the decisions of the organization, do not bargain with the organization, do not deceive the organization and confront the organization; Take good care of their relatives and staff around them, prevent them from exercising power in politics without authorization, and prevent them from using their special identity to seek illegal interests; Firmly establish the awareness of discipline and rules, consciously and strictly abide by the party's political discipline and rules, and take the "three stricts and three facts" as the basic principle of self-cultivation and self-discipline, as well as the code of conduct for officers to start businesses. (yuan Lingzhi / wenshilin / photo)