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The "monitoring instrument for ultra-low emission gaseous pollutants" developed by the company has passed the appraisal of technical achievements

Release time:2015-11-10 12:58:00  Browse times:517

On November 2, the "monitoring instrument for ultra-low emission gaseous pollutants" developed by our company passed the technical achievement appraisal meeting organized by the Chinese society of Environmental Sciences in Beijing.
In view of the monitoring requirements of ultra-low emission gaseous pollutants SO2 and no in thermal power plants, our company has carried out in-depth research on UV Differential Absorption Spectroscopy Technology and developed asp-01 flue gas analyzer with independent intellectual property rights. This product has the following innovations:
1. Using the characteristic absorption of SO2 gas in flue gas, the output wavelength of the spectrometer can be calibrated online in real time, which improves the operation stability and measurement accuracy of the instrument;
2. The spectral compensation correction algorithm is adopted for SO2 and no, which solves the spectral overlap of the target gas and improves the anti-interference of the instrument;
3. According to the light intensity of different absorption bands, the optical mechanical structure is optimized to improve the signal-to-noise ratio and sensitivity of the measurement spectrum and optical mechanical module.
At present, the instrument has passed the applicability test of the environmental monitoring instrument quality supervision and inspection center of the Ministry of environmental protection and the comparative monitoring of Jiangsu environmental monitoring center. It has been applied to many ultra-low emission units such as Zhejiang Beilun Power Plant and Changzhou power plant with good results. The appraisal committee believes that the "ultra-low emission gaseous pollutant monitoring instrument" developed by this achievement has high measurement accuracy and stability and low detection lower limit, which fills the domestic gap, and its main technical indicators have reached the advanced level of similar instruments in the world. It is unanimously agreed to pass the appraisal.
The successful development of the instrument is another innovative achievement of environmental protection instruments after the series of denitration ammonia escape monitoring instruments of our company. It not only solves the shortcomings of the existing ultra-low emission monitoring instruments, but also enhances the core competitiveness of the company's environmental protection instruments. (Tang Guanghua / Wen renyun / photo)