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Delegates to the second "ultra low emission" new technology exchange Seminar for coal-fired power plants came to our company for investigation

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Research in the production workshop

Understand ldas-01 ammonia escape online monitoring system

                                           Understand the coal-fired automatic prototype

On November 5, led by the professional committee of environmental protection technology and equipment of China Power Engineering Society, the second "ultra-low emission" new technology exchange seminar of coal-fired power plants and the annual meeting of the special committee of environmental protection technology and equipment were organized. 163 representatives at all levels came to our company to visit and investigate.
During the investigation, leaders and experts from Huaneng Huangtai Power Plant, Datang Nanjing power plant, Huadian Zhangqiu power plant, Zhejiang University and other electric power and environmental protection industries went to the laboratory and production workshop to learn more about asp-01 low concentration flue gas analyzer, ldas-01 ammonia escape online monitoring system, ldas-3000 portable ammonia escape analyzer, zyj-01 coal-fired automatic sample preparation system Performance characteristics and technical advantages of main products such as intelligent fuel management and control information system, high-frequency pulse power supply of electrostatic precipitator and HF series high-frequency power supply of electrostatic precipitator.
The representatives who participated in the meeting had a strong interest in our products, focused on the working principle and practical application of the products, and put forward valuable opinions and suggestions. At the same time, they hope to strengthen communication and exchange with each other and actively seek opportunities for cooperation in the future. (Xia Xiangjian / wenshilin / photo)