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Make concerted efforts to achieve better results -- a bumper harvest of Nanhuan high frequency (pulse) power supply

Release time:2016-10-18 14:27:00  Browse times:472

Recently, with the successful operation of high-frequency power supply for electrostatic precipitator of Jiangsu Xinhai #1 boiler, the operation performance of HF series high-frequency power supply products for electrostatic precipitator independently developed and produced by the company has successfully exceeded 5000 units (sets).
Since the first successful application of 300MW units in Huaneng Nanjing power plant in 2008, HF series high-frequency power supply has made application achievements of more than 400 units in the transformation (new construction) of electrostatic precipitators and wet electrostatic precipitators of 600MW and 1000MW units. Up to now, HF series high-frequency power supply products have achieved impressive contract performance of more than 5500 sets. The high-frequency power supply company can be seen everywhere, from the west of Karai and Xuanwei to the north of Pengjiang, and from the high-frequency power supply company of Karai to the north of Pengjiang.
With the steady progress of the implementation of ultra-low emission policy in the power industry, the company aimed at the market opportunity, firmly grasped the mainstream direction of the development of electrostatic precipitator power supply in the power industry, and developed a new generation of pulse power supply products for more than two years. The practical application shows that the pulse power supply has a significant effect on the fine dust capture and emission in the electric field of the rear stage of the electrostatic precipitator, and it is one of the mainstream dust removal technology routes under the background of ultra-low emission. Up to now, the new generation hfpps high-frequency pulse power supply developed by the company has achieved the application performance of multiple 300MW and above units, and has broad application prospects.
Behind the application of so many successful cases is the result of the concerted efforts of people in South Central, which enhances the confidence of market personnel in developing the market. In the future, the company will strive to create more and better excellent environmental protection projects and create better performance. (Meng Qingxia)