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The company successfully held the first trade union member congress

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On the afternoon of March 13, the first training conference of the trade union of Nanjing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was held in the trade union hall of Nanjing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. The leaders and all members of the company attended the meeting, which was presided over by the Secretary of the Party committee of the company. The first trade union members of the company were elected at the meeting.
According to the trade union law of the people's Republic of China and the constitution of China's trade union, the conference held a preparatory meeting first, read out and unanimously adopted the agenda of the conference and the list of 14 candidates from the trade union committee, the fund review committee and the women workers' committee.
Subsequently, the election meeting of the company's first member's Congress was held, and the election measures for the first member's Congress of beat365正版网站唯一官网 Co., Ltd. and the list of vote directors, vote monitors and vote counters were read out and unanimously adopted.
After a fair, fair and open secret ballot, the conference elected five members of the first trade union committee of beat365正版网站唯一官网 Co., Ltd; Three members of the fund review committee; Three female members of the staff committee.
The meeting was successfully concluded with warm applause! (Shi Lin / photo taken by Yan Jun / text)