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The company won the title of "AA quality credit enterprise in Jiangsu Province"

Release time:2017-03-23 17:02:00  Browse times:821

Recently, the company was awarded "AA quality credit enterprise in Jiangsu Province". The application of this honor began in 2016. After layers of selection such as self scoring, material review and on-site verification, the company finally stood out and became the leader of 100 AA quality credit enterprises in Jiangsu Province in 2016 with high scores.
The AA credit rating is a high recognition of the company's quality management and corporate credit by relevant departments of Jiangsu provincial government. It also fully affirms the achievements of the company in strengthening quality management and improving development efficiency in the past year, and puts forward higher requirements for the company. On this basis, the company will continue to pursue the excellence of quality, continuously improve the level of quality management, and provide customers with better and more perfect services. (Zhan Qihuan / text)