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The company has obtained the license for manufacturing measuring instruments of asp-01 flue gas analyzer

Release time:2017-04-28 08:18:00  Browse times:831

Recently, the asp-01 flue gas analyzer independently developed by our company successfully passed the on-site production condition assessment and acceptance of Nanjing Bureau of quality and technical supervision and Nanjing Institute of measurement and testing, and successfully obtained the license for manufacturing measuring instruments, No.: CMC Su Zhi 01000377-3, valid for 3 years.
The successful acquisition of CMC manufacturing measuring instrument license marks that the production facilities, factory verification conditions, personnel technical level, product performance indicators and internal management mechanism of the company's measuring products meet the requirements of relevant national laws and regulations, and the quality of the company's measuring products is guaranteed; On the other hand, it helps the company give full play to the advantages of leading intellectual property rights in the R & D and production of measurement products, improve the company's core competitiveness, and provide qualification guarantee for the external market development of measurement products. (Xu African)