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The company organizes and carries out monthly safety production education activities

Release time:2017-06-08 13:15:00  Browse times:777

On the afternoon of June 6, organized by the quality and safety department, the company organized all employees to carry out fire safety training and watch the warning education film of safety production month in the training hall on the first floor. In this training, the daily fire prevention knowledge and typical cases were publicized, implemented and learned. At the same time, the safety knowledge was popularized by watching warning education films to comprehensively improve the safety quality of employees.
Since the launch of the safety production month activity, the company has closely adhered to the theme of "fully implementing the main responsibility of enterprise safety production", and carried out safety culture theme education activities in the form of publicity banners, safety wall charts, video education and other forms, so as to significantly improve the safety production awareness of all employees. All departments actively cooperated and all employees actively participated in this activity, creating a good atmosphere in which everyone stresses safety and safety everywhere. (Wang PEI / wenshilin / photo)