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Development in inheritance and Transcendence in Innovation -- dedicated to the eighth anniversary of Nanhuan science and technology operation

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July 9, 2017 is an ordinary day on the calendar, but it is indeed an extraordinary day for people in south ring. It is the eighth anniversary of the official operation of South Ring Technology. However, in the long history of science and technology, it is only a moment of struggle and challenge.
Looking back on the eight-year development of science and technology in south ring, with firm faith and tenacious perseverance, people in south ring have been pioneering and enterprising, breaking the wind and waves, hitting the water in the middle stream, down-to-earth, step by step, playing carols one after another and casting brilliance one after another. After eight years of development, Nanhuan technology has made remarkable achievements and laid a good foundation for the sustainable development of the enterprise.
In the course of eight years of trials and hardships, the people of Nanhuan have inherited the concept of "unity, diligence, integrity and innovation", adhered to the enterprise spirit of "hard work, hard work, courage to explore and self-improvement", made technological innovation and product development as a breakthrough, made great efforts in product scientific and technological innovation, improved product quality and technical performance, and strengthened and improved the company's quality image and refined management level, The company has achieved leaps and bounds in operation and development. In the past eight years, South Ring technology has encountered many difficulties, but South Ring people have never flinched. We dare to face, undertake and innovate.
This year is the first year of South Ring science and technology reform. How to adapt to the situation, seize opportunities, win opportunities, remain invincible in the market competition, and find a way suitable for the development of South Ring science and technology in the exploration of "crossing the river by touching the stone" has become a difficult problem after the reform. Facing the difficulties in progress, only innovation and development is the good way to overcome difficulties and maintain the source of vitality of the enterprise. Only enterprises that constantly pursue innovation are invincible enterprises.
Innovation can be big or small, everywhere. Simple preaching has become careful guidance, passive work has become active service... And so on are innovation, of course, institutional innovation and technological innovation. Innovation is real, visible and tangible simplicity and reality.
Innovation is in your hands and mine. Be more careful and proactive in your work, broaden your working ideas and improve your working methods. All these are practicing innovation. As long as we change with our heart, even a small idea or a simple method may converge into infinite power, enough to carry the storms we face. Management needs skills, marketing needs skills, and occupying a competitive advantage requires skills, but there is one thing without skills, that is, the spirit of perseverance, courage to challenge and innovation, which is a spiritual force for the common belief of the enterprise and not afraid of difficulties. In the highly competitive market environment, without this power, all glory can only be a moment of youth.
The smooth sailing of a ship is the success of a helmsman, and the success of an enterprise is the success of a passionate team. We have a long way to go to build a brand south ring. Let's enjoy our talents and passion, forge ahead hand in hand, develop in inheritance and surpass in innovation, and strive to jointly build a brilliant tomorrow of South Ring science and technology!
I wish Nanhuan science and technology prosperity, all colleagues a happy life and a better tomorrow! (Stone Forest)