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The company won the title of "advanced unit of safety production in Jiangbei new area"

Release time:2018-03-08 14:30:00  Browse times:531

On March 6, good news was uploaded from the work safety conference of Jiangbei new area in Nanjing. The company won the title of "2017 advanced unit in work safety of Jiangbei new area in Nanjing".
In 2017, through a series of positive and effective measures, the company solidly promoted the full, comprehensive and whole process safety production management mechanism, deeply found the weak links in safety production, steadily promoted various basic work of safety production, and continuously strengthened the employees' awareness of safety production responsibility, so as to keep people, equipment, environment and management in good condition and prevent all kinds of safety accidents, It has laid a solid foundation for the continuous improvement of the company's safety production situation.
In 2018, the company will closely focus on the annual safety objectives, strictly follow various rules, regulations and standards, and strengthen safety management in an all-round and whole process from the two lines of safety assurance and safety supervision, so as to create an essential safety enterprise. (Wang Songlin / photo)