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The labor union of the company organizes free blood donation activities

Release time:2018-04-28 08:40:00  Browse times:529

Blood test

Blood donation vehicle

On April 24, the labor union of the company organized employees to participate in the public welfare activity of free blood donation. 29 employees who passed the blood test donated 7400ml of blood free of charge.
Under the guidance of the medical staff of the provincial blood center, the staff of the company actively cooperated, strictly abided by the order of blood donation, carefully filled in the blood donation registration form, and completed various links such as blood pressure measurement, blood test and blood collection. The scene of blood donation was filled with joy and pride after giving love. Everyone said that unpaid blood donation is a good deed for the country, the people and themselves. In the future, we should donate blood regularly, not only as a voluntary blood donor, but also as a volunteer to publicize unpaid blood donation.
The South Ring science and technology trade union has organized employees to participate in voluntary blood donation public welfare activities for many years, donate blood for free and convey love. The people of South Ring interpret the noble quality of great love and wordless with their own practical actions, reflecting the good social image of South Ring science and technology. (Yan Jun / Wen Shilin / photo)