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The company held the competition of "making dumplings and sachets for Dragon Boat Festival"

Release time:2018-06-15 17:08:00  Browse times:523

Speech by Wang Baozeng, chairman of the trade union

Zongzi making competition

Sachet making competition

On June 15, the labor union of the company held the competition of "welcoming the Dragon Boat Festival and making dumplings as sachets" in the staff restaurant. Wang Baozeng, chairman of the trade union, and relevant responsible persons attended the competition. A total of 28 contestants participated in the competition.
After the teacher demonstrated making zongzi and sachets, the competition officially began. The zongzi wrapping contestants danced the zongzi leaves in their hands, quickly rolled the zongzi leaves into a cone shape with both hands, filled and pressed them with glutinous rice, and then wrapped a zongzi with a bundle of string, each displaying exquisite technology. The players who make sachets wear needles, sutures, beads and fill wormwood, and are happy on their faces. Laughter filled the whole activity site. Finally, a total of 9 contestants won the prize and the activity ended successfully.
Through this activity, we have improved the practical ability of employees, promoted the communication between employees, deepened the friendship between employees, enhanced the feelings of employees, and reflected the warmth of the South Ring family! (Yan Jun / Wen Shilin / photo)